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Empower your team with AI governance 

Are you concerned about the potential risks of AI in your organization? Do you want to ensure that your team is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to use AI in an ethical and responsible manner? 

The learning programs will help you translate principles into actions, transform your practice and create the security and success with AI that you’ve been dreaming of. 


Where Would You Like To Start?

Learn the formula to building success with AI Governance.

Our programs are designed to empower your team with the latest knowledge and best practices for AI governance. Our expert trainers will guide your team through the key principles of ethical and responsible AI, including transparency, fairness, accountability, and privacy.

Through a series of interactive sessions and case studies, your team will learn how to evaluate AI systems for decision-making, and implement effective preventive measures. They will also gain an understanding of the legal and regulatory frameworks surrounding AI, and how to navigate and deploy complex legal considerations.

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Be aware

Stay on top of emerging regulations and trends.

Increase awareness of technical and non technical teams on AI risks

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Accelerate your knowledge and Stay on Top

Stay on top of new regulation and Combine both rigourous academic and Legal Evidences with hands-on industry Experience on Robust & Responsible AI

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Master your practice

Get the blueprint to build, implement, and train responsible and compliant AI across your organization


The Safe AI Now  Academy

Take control of your responsible AI future with these comprehensive courses.

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EU AI Act: Essentials

EU AI Act: Sprint

Learn the essential requirements of this regulation and get regulatory updates.

Evaluate how to navigate the last updates and develop your compliance strategy.

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Explore Generative AI

Evaluate the impact of generative AI. Assess feasibility for your business.

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I'm Christine Laüt

Over two decades, I've specialized in merging risk, compliance, and tech—16 years in top management consulting firms (KPMG, Atos Consulting, Capgemini) and 5 years leading strategic programs in financial institutions.


I excel in translating strategy and regulations into actionable results.


Today, my focus is leveraging this expertise to facilitate responsible AI integration.


I'm here to demonstrate how we can ensure compliance and robust AI governance, securing our AI systems and preserving our businesses, colleagues, and society.


Speed up your knowledge on the EU upcoming regulation

Understand the main features of the upcoming regulation

Assess its scope and importance


How our academy will help you?


Have you ever wondered how to build solid foundations for responsible AI?


Have you ever wondered about the difference between ethics, compliance and responsible AI?


Have you ever wondered how the best leaders on Responsible AI are able to generate more benefits for their stakeholders?


The courses are developed with the knowledge of how AI Responsible leaders become experts in their fields and how the largest, most successful leaders leverage this expertise in their business.


SAFE AI NOW can help you do the same to move away from the competition and ensure that AI works for the benefits of your organisation, your clients, your stakeholders and the society that you will shape.


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Responsible AI is a marathon, not a sprint. We’ll guide you to the finish line with regular updates.

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