Responsible AI: Strategies for Unlocking the AI power within emergent regulations

Hosted by Christine LAUT, AI Regulatory Expert, CEO SAFE AI NOW


Are you ready to unlock your business's potential with AI while staying ethical and legal? 

AI is rapidly transforming business and industries, and its potential for growth is significant. However with great power comes great responsibility. The ethical and legal implications of AI must be considered to ensure that business use this technology responsibly and in compliance with emerging regulations.

Join us to gain valuable insights into the latest legal and ethical standards and how they can unlock your business potential.

You will learn the benefits of responsible AI, the risks of not adhering to ethical and emerging AI regulations (e.g EU AI Act) and how to navigate the challenges of implementing AI responsibly in your organization. 

The webinar is free to attend and open to anyone interested in learning about the responsible use of AI.


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