Integrating Ethical and Regulatory Strategy




At SAFE AI NOW, we specialize in addressing the intricate challenges surrounding AI ethics within the regulated industries 

  • Understanding AI's Transformative Potential


AI holds transformative potential, yet its deployment carries inherent risks and potential harms.

These challenges might not be immediately evident, reflecting the complexities typical of emerging technologies.


  • The Imperative of Strategic AI Ethics Management


In regulated environments, prevailing frameworks are primarily tailored to meet regulatory requirements. However, the emergence of concerns regarding ethics, environmental impact, and societal implications linked to AI represents a new frontier.

Addressing these nuanced considerations, especially in the realm of rapidly evolving technologies, often surpasses the scope outlined in internal frameworks, creating additional risks for institutions.

As new guidelines emerge and consumer expectations evolve, it becomes a paramount priority for regulated entities to address these ethical nuances.

Shifting the focus from mere regulatory compliance to incorporating evolving ethical considerations into AI deployment is crucial.


Our focus is on enabling organizations to adapt proactively and align with evolving societal values and ethical standards. We facilitate this transition through a strategic and adaptive approach to AI ethics management within regulated spaces.


Our offerings are tailored to address the critical need for comprehensive strategies in managing ethical considerations and regulatory compliance in this dynamic landscape.



At SAFE AI NOW, we draw inspiration from the Care & Act Framework proposed by the Alan Turing Institute.


This framework serves as a robust model intended to establish a diligent and well-conceived governance structure encompassing the entire lifecycle of AI projects.

The Care & Act Framework consists of three essential building blocks:

  • Sum Values
  • Safe-D Principles
  • Governance Framework



At SAFE AI NOW, we commit to adapting and tailoring these principles to suit the unique ethos and operational landscape of your organization.


Our approach involves the following steps:

  • Identification and Alignment: We identify the core ethical values and principles that resonate with your organization's mission, values, and strategic objectives.¬†¬†


  • Customization and Adaptation:¬†Based on our experience in regulated industries, we customize and adapt the Care & Act Framework's principles to suit your organizational context, culture, business strategies, core values, and raison d'√™tre.¬†


  • Implementation and Integration: We support the implementation and integration of these adapted principles into your AI project lifecycles.¬†¬†


By utilizing the Care & Act Framework and following these meticulous steps, we aim to empower your organization in cultivating a culture of ethical AI innovation, ensuring responsible and trustworthy delivery of AI projects aligned with your organizational values and objectives.




At SAFE AI NOW , we pride ourselves on a collaborative and comprehensive approach to integrating ethical AI strategies within your organization. Our process involves:


  1. Collection of Internal Materials:

We begin by gathering essential internal materials that shape your organization's identity and direction. 


  1. Workshops for Designing Levels 1 and 2:

We facilitate a series of three to four workshops meticulously crafted to design Level 1 and Level 2 ethical frameworks. These workshops involve key stakeholders and experts from your organization. 


  1. Customization and Integration:

Utilizing the insights from these workshops and our knowledge of your industry, we customize and align these principles with your organizational ethos, ensuring a cohesive and tailored ethical framework that resonates with your unique identity and objectives.


  1. Continuous Support and Guidance:

We provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the implementation process. This includes assisting with the integration of the adapted ethical framework into your existing structures, processes, and decision-making frameworks. 


Through this collaborative and meticulous approach, we ensure that your organization's ethical values are embedded at the core of AI deployment, fostering responsible innovation aligned with your overarching objectives.



At SAFE AI NOW, our pricing structure is designed to ensure transparent and tailored services for our clients.


For the design and customization of internal ethical principles, our pricing package starts at CHF39,000.


This comprehensive package encompasses the collection and analysis of internal materials, the management of workshops dedicated to designing Level 1 and 2 ethical frameworks, as well as the customization of principles to align with your organization's unique identity and objectives.


Pricing for continuous support and guidance is customized based on the specific scope and delivery expectations of our clients. 


For detailed pricing information or to discuss the scope of continuous support and guidance, please contact our team.