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Where are you with AI Governance?

Drawing inspiration from the EU AI Act and guidance from international organizations such as ICO and MAS, take advantage of this complimentary self-assessment tool.


Evaluate your current standing in defining your principles, establishing accountability, developing AI capabilities, managing data, and monitoring AI risks.


Upon complétion, receive your quotation and areas of improprement.
Discover the key ingredients to ensure successful implementation and governance of AI


Operationalizing Transparency, Governance and Security

AI requires new forms of trust, risk and security that traditional risk approaches don't provide.

"By 2026, organizations that operationalize AI transparency, trust and security will see their AI models achieve a 50% result improvement in terms of adoption, business goals and user acceptance."

We help you implementing a priorization approach that begins with customized solution, high impact areas in AI governance to minimize risks, secure foundations while maximizing the value from data and AI.

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Develop a customized AI Governance Strategy

Elevate your AI Oversight. Develop Responsible Data & AI Strategies. Align AI with mission and values for long term success with AI

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Establish AI Governance Standards

Clarify roles and responsibilities. Deploy policies and standards. Procurement & Diligence support. Technology benchmarks & selection.



Meet AI & Data regulatory requirements

Ensure data, IT, process and documentation are compliant with the current laws and prepare for forthcoming regulation. Gap analysis, mitigating risks and minimizing potential liabilities



Audit AI risks

Prevent potential harm and verify that AI risks have been carefully identified and rigourously assessed through AI audit focused on strategic, legal, HR, organisational and technical risks


AI Governance for Trust and Growth

At SAFE AI NOW, we believe that responsible AI governance is the foundation for unlocking the full potential of AI while mitigating risks and ensuring ethical standards.

Our experts provide personalized consulting services to help organizations establish effective AI governance that align with their values, objectives, and legal requirements.

We specialize in risk management, compliance, and ongoing monitoring to ensure that your AI systems are operating safely and effectively.

We help you navigate the complex regulatory landscape, identify and manage risks, develop policies and procedures for ensuring transparency, accountability, and fairness in AI development and deployment, and perform audits of your AI systems to ensure they are operating in a responsible and compliant manner


Whether you're just getting started with AI or looking to optimize your existing systems, we're here to help you navigate this new frontier of AI.


Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive AI governance services and how we can help you navigate the new frontière of AI.

Collaboration with AI ecosystem

SAFE AI enable and foment the dialogue between different stakeholders of the AI ecosystems

  • Academics

  • Associations

  • Conferences & Education

  • IT Systems companies

SAFE AI can rely and mobilize experts in the AI ecosystem and include them in the delivery.


Unlocking the Potential of AI with SAFE AI NOW Assets

strategic (1).png

6 Strategic Dimensions

1. Strategy

2. Governance& Culture

3. Information & Reporting

4. Data & Infrastructure

5. Risk Identification& Measures

6. Risk Review


Responsible AI Maturity Model

SAFE AI Framework based on 4 levels of RAI maturity

1. Ad-hoc

2. Emerging

3. Defined

4. Integrated


AI System Audit

11 Key success factors including Model Risk, Compliance, Ethics, Fairness, Explainability, Privacy, Human Machine Alignment


10 Key resources including Accountability, HR Strategy, Governance, MLOps, Data, Security & Infrastructure


Trusted References

SAFE AI NOW relies on international library to establish standards and compliance.


Among them,





ICO-AI Auditing Framework, BIS BCBS239

Federal Reserve SR11-7,

EU AI Act,

MIT Framework.


Turn Principles into Actions

SAFE AI NOW walks the prospective clients through a series of items to determine the level of maturity of the organisation and evaluate with the clients the actionable steps for future. 

SAFE AI NOW framework translates responsible AI principles into practices and provide you transparency and traction accross your different teams along the following process.


SAFE AI NOW assessment

Safe AI Now, AI Diagnostics - 6 dimensions

Perform assessment 


Design your company journey on the responsible AI learning curve

Safe AI Now - learning curve ipad _edited.jpg

Articule your relevant objectives along the 4 stages of the learning curve (RAI Maturity)


Taking action together

Safe AI Now - planning.jpg

Engage your data scientists, business, risk, compliance, auditors and externals in clear and shared action plans

What clients typically achieve when working with us?

SAFE AI NOW is a framework for Responsible AI with principles, policies, tools and processes to ensure that AI systems are developed and operated in the service of good for individuals and society while still achieving transformative impact.

Clear Strategy to Responsible AI

Create your customized strategy based on multi level assessment, internal capabilities and the ecosystem

Stakeholders aligned on Responsible AI Framework

Protect and grow you assets  while maintaining trust and accountability with your Stakeholders- Management Education & Engagement - Resilience - TOM - Standards and Processes to govern AI Responsibly

Clear actionable steps to Responsible AI

Solid, agreed and reliable action plan to move forward according to your target

Improved foundations on data governance, bias, risk management, culture and governance

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