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Concrete steps for Responsible
Artificial Intelligence

Did you know that only 6% of companies have operationalized their capabilities to be responsible by design?

Learn how to move from compliance to responsible AI and what are the implications for your business.


3 levels of skills

Our learning solutions are designed to provide the right information to the right people across your organisation for better AI outcomes.


Curriculums are curated with instructor-led classes, e-learning activities, articles, academic knowledge and events to grow knowledge and capabilities within your workforce.

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Straight to the point! Save time in Establishing your Compliance Plan



I'm inviting you to work with me for 4 weeks and prepare your compliance journey. 


This sprint session will help you to answer 3 critical questions:

Am I concerned? And to what extent?

Where to focus my effort to prepare compliance?


It includes legal content and actionable guidance to establish your compliance priorities.


🎁BONUS: get personalized feedback on your case study

Register now and get updated when the doors open!

How our academy will help you?

Have you ever wondered how to build solid foundations for responsible AI?


Have you ever wondered about the difference between ethics, compliance and responsible AI?

Have you ever wondered how the best leaders on Responsible AI are able to generate more benefits for their stakeholders?

The courses are developed with the knowledge of how AI Responsible leaders become experts in their fields and how the largest, most successful leaders leverage this expertise in their business.


SAFE AI NOW can help you do the same to move away from the competition and ensure that AI works for the benefits of your organisation, your clients, your stakeholders and the society that you will shape.

What you will get it from the academy?

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Do you plan to develop, use or introduce new AI system in Europe?


In December 2022, the EU Council adopted a common position on a forthcoming regulation on Artificial Intelligence: the EU AI Act.

Find out our in this free whitepaper your main obligations, whether you are impacted and why it is important to prepare from 2023

Responsable AI requires understanding of the fundamentals and and actionable practices. Let's evaluate your level of maturity  to target the course in line with your objectives

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