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Meet our experts

SAFE AI NOW firmly believes that leveraging functional expertise is essential to develop tailored solutions for AI governance.

To achieve this, we have built a robust network of experts with rich backgrounds to address AI governance challenges effectively across key sectors.


We invite you to meet our senior team members, who bring their extensive experience to lead our efforts in the field of AI governance.

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Christine Laut
Expert in Risk Management & AI Governance

CEO  Founder

Christine Laüt, the Founder & CEO of SAFE AI NOW, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in leadership positions within management consulting and banking.


Christine's expertise lies in combining new technologies, compliance, and strategic thinking to foster responsible AI implementation.


Passionate about using AI to improve business and societal outcomes through ethical risk management, Christine is eager to share her insights and experiences. Her vast knowledge of responsible AI practices enables her to guide organizations on how to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and prioritize customer satisfaction while upholding ethical principles.

Christine is member of the SwissInsurTech and the IA HUB France.

Ryan Mackie Profile Pic 25.09.2020.jpg

Ryan Mackie
Data Protection, Cyber & AI Legal, Governance, Risk & Compliance Expert

External Associate

In addition to working as an outsourced DPO, Data Protection, AI and Cyber Security Lawyer, Ryan's role as Lead Consultant (in AI Legal, Governance, Risk & Compliance) is to help help clients:


(1) understand the proposed implications of the draft EU AI Act and to identify & formulate appropriate risk management & compliance management frameworks;


(2) design and implement a programme to manage any risks associated with the rapid implementation of AI in their businesses and work places;


(3) to help them to conduct meaningful assessments/ audits to assess any inherent risks associated with using those AI and autonomous systems under the proposed EU AI Act and any proposed UK regulation in this area.

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Gilbert Hill
Privacy Technologist, Consultant AI Governance, Risk& Compliance 

External Associate

Privacy technologist, entrepreneur and speaker. Previously Chief Strategy Officer at Pool Data and CEO at Tapmydata, and he now advise brands, boards and blockchain projects on data strategy and execution as a NED. He is also an Industry Commissioner to the UK's Data & Marketing Regulator. 


After a career in Finance, Gilbert founded Optanon, a pioneering software product in the PrivTech sector, and Cookiepedia, knowledge base for consumer tracking on the Web - acquired by OneTrust. 

Gilbert is also Chair of the Responsible Marketing Committee for the DMA, having previously Chaired the Mobile & Connected Council, and he is currently a member of the UK Regulators & AI working group, chaired by the ICO.

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