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You're ready to take AI to an exciting new stage. Any of these sound familiar ?

You have hit an inflexion point with AI and you need to pivot to a new stage to ensure trust around AI. You need to engage a team effort over the organization and speak together the same language.  

You are running several AI initiatives in production and maintenance. New AI risks are emerging. You struggle to identify, measure and remediate consistently the risks.

You need to perform an AI audit or risk evaluation but do not have any practical guidance and methodology to ensure that your AI projects are under control.

Here’s what you will learn in the coaching program

  • The program starts with a full audit of your AI strategy, oversight and governance.

  • We help you understand the drivers of AI risks in your organization and how you scoring against those drivers

  • The report will provide you with an actionable list of improvement recommendations used as guidelines in the 12-weeks program


Who is the coaching program for ?

CDOs, Data scientists, and IT

You need to go a step further with AI and engage larger teams to build solid foundations and practical guidance on responsible AI for your organization

Audit, legal, compliance and risk managers

You need to evolve your risk management and compliance practice on AI and apply new approach and practical steps to ensure that AI risks are properly managed in the organization

Fintech, AI IT providers

You need to ensure that your solution provides a solid risk framework to your client and secure risk identification, measures and mitigation while being compliant

Trusting AI requires understanding of the fundamentals and a strategic and structured approach to follow through on every step of the process

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